2014 – The year the construction industry did not discover PLM

Shaun Farrell:

A very thought provoking blog but whilst we learn from other industries we must also adapt and improve our own,

Originally posted on Jos Voskuil's Weblog:

BIM_PLMA year ago I wrote a blog post questioning if the construction industry would learn from PLM practices in relation to BIM.
In that post, I described several lessons learned from other industries. Topics like:

  • Working on a single, shared repository of on-line data (the Digital Mock Up).  Continuity of data based on a common data model – not only 3D
  • It is a mindset. People need to learn to share instead of own data
  • Early validation and verification based on a virtual model. Working in the full context
  • Planning and anticipation for service and maintenance during the design phase. Design with the whole lifecycle in mind (and being able to verify the design)

The comments to that blog post already demonstrated that the worlds of PLM and BIM are not 100 percent comparable and that there are some serious inhibitors preventing them to come closer. One year later…

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Why I’m proud to be part of a BIMCrew

Two of the top 10 questions I get asked is “how do we share knowledge and how do we capitalise on the experience we have gained?”. Now this is usually within the context of a company. However we really should be looking at the industry, a region, a country and even the whole world. BIMCrews do exactly this. They ignore boundaries. They share their ideas and knowledge simply because it’s the right thing to do. They talk, listen, learn, share and increase the understanding of the task at hand. They are full of people at all points along their personal and group journey. The best part, you can join in by just saying hello. Start by either looking on google or twitter for #UKBIMCrew and #GlobalBIMCrew.

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The Connected World – Pinsent Masons’ Out-Law Seminar

PowerPoint Presentaion
Connected Homes Video
Connected Cars Video
Socio-Cultural Issues Video

There were some interesting cross industry items to pick up here. The concept that anything will be made from a bunch of connected devices that resemble a car for instance. But also about the security of the data being transmitted between these items. The chance for the construction industry to engage with the consumer and our built environment at a level which is still being defined but will be massive.

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BSI BIM Conference 2014

I am not there but lots going on.//

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Olivier van Herpt 3D-prints functional ceramic objects

Olivier van Herpt 3D-prints functional ceramic objects.

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Fully-customized, modular solar house is 3D printed prefab

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#RoboticConstruction ICD ITKE Research Pavilion 2013-14

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