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Russian Bank Holidays

Russian National/Bank Holidays really are that. The Xmas/New Year holiday is actually a New Year Holiday starting from New Years Eve until the 8th January. It is a New Years Tree and not a Xmas Tree. The bank holiday part … Continue reading

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How to effectively communicate through an interpreter

Bear in mind that what matters in a conversation is not what you are saying, but what is understood by the recipient. In a multi-lingual discussion you are only as effective as your interpreter. Therefore: It is in your interests … Continue reading

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Things To Know About Russia : Do’s and Dont’s

Some Suggested Do’s and Don’ts Do Make the most of St. Petersburg’s rich history and heritage by visiting its museums, galleries and theatres Carry your passport, visa and registration with you at all times as you may be required to … Continue reading

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Things To Know About Russia : Arriving

Migration Cards Before passing through Border Control into Russia all non-Russian citizens will be required to complete a Migration Card. These are usually distributed on the plane before landing or alternatively, they can be found in the Border Control hall. … Continue reading

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This Is Russia

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