Autodesk University Moscow Keynote

Risk is that we ignore trends and our competitors don’t. Trends

* Growth of cloud computing

* Digital everything

* Machine learning
35th Anniversary of Autodesk and autocad. 
What do we do with cloud/infinite computing. 

Generative design for the mass market. 20-30k compute nodes.

Sending to manufacture will be as common as send to print. 

As designed will be as built. 
Digital manufacture. 

Robots on site. 

Automotive. Everyone worries about tesla. Redefine the value proposition. New relationship with the car. 
We want intelligent connected devices. Smarter and better over time. 

Smart bridge. 320 sensors. Photo catalytic concrete. 

Boeing 787. 3D printed titanium parts. If you can pass rigorous aviation standards then you can do anything. 

Varma 12 Norwegian hydro plant renovation. 

Used dynamo. Drones for construction monitoring. 

Rotterdam ram lab 3D printed propellor plus 5 axis Cnc. 

Point of need manufacturing. 

Guess 2 poweplant in moscow. RPBW. 

Apes project bureau

Use smock stacks to bring in air. 
Teach an algorithm the essence of a thing and it can then iterate it. 

Ash the robot has eyes. Learns and progressively adapts. 

Designed built and monitored by machine in Dutch bridge. 
The next big platform is data. 

The age of AI and generative design. 
Tom wujek

Explore emergent tech 


Technology will become active creative partners. 

Industrial Age the fuel was coal. Data is the new commodity. The cloud is the pipeline. 

Capture, compute and create. 

Designs will become fluid and agile. 

Generative design define the problem, constraints and goals. 

Empowerment of the novice. 

Turned people into a source of data for generative design. Autodesk Toronto office. 

From directive to adaptive. 
Robotic systems 

Robots are dumb, dangerous, blind and expensive. 

More money in H&S around the robot rather than the robot itself. 

Ash can weld in 3D. 

3d space and enter the robots world. 

Robot called She. 
Addative manufacturing 

Visarium mold for airbus panel design. 

Inspectable into inscrutable structures. 
Our tools are creating a black box. Less understandable does not mean unreliable. 

Moving from if then statements to in depth knowledge/insightful. Looking outwards into the world. 
Robots can see and learn and deal with the mess and complexity of the world. 

Replace the real world with a simulation where the machine can learn at computer speed and not real,world. 

Within hours bishop learned a lifetime of knowledge. Once bishop knows all the robots know. 

Gets the gist and then re-applies that knowledge to other materials. 
Maya fluid simulation tool. 

Trained maya with machine learning using image recognition to produce effects. 

Novice to expert in a very short period of time.

From calculation to intuition. 
Project IQ as part of BIM360

Predictive data base for site. 

Type in but now moving to image recognition. 

Looking at project management forwards. 

Moving from recipe to reasoning.
In order for self driving cars to work you have to let go of the wheel. 

Computation power double every year eventually every 6 months. 

Not only represent our ideas but for machines to understand our ideas. 
Machines will possess Insight, expertise, knows industry and knows business. 
What should the next generation of tools look like?

Wealth of expertise. 

Long hours after I went home. 

Explore more design solutions. 

Learn and get better over time. 
What might the Autodesk echo look like?

The future is always closer than you think. 

Innovate. Open platforms. Force for positive change. 

Fusion 360. BIM 360 and shotgun. 

Forge – open. Cloud based api for micro services. 


About Shaun Farrell

I have been involved in the construction sector since 1986 and over the years I have seen things change dramatically. Much of the change has been directly as a result of technology. This blog will be about the key combinations of People, Process and Technology. Any views expressed here are strictly my own.
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