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#BigData #BIM Measuring the UK’s Digital Economy Report : SI024_GI_NIESR_Google_Report12 Summary: KEY FINDINGS • The digital economy is poorly served by conventional definitions and datasets. Big data methods can provide richer, more informative and more up to date analysis. • Using Growth Intelligence data on a benchmarking … Continue reading

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How to effectively communicate through an interpreter

Bear in mind that what matters in a conversation is not what you are saying, but what is understood by the recipient. In a multi-lingual discussion you are only as effective as your interpreter. Therefore: It is in your interests … Continue reading

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Up Next for Chromecast: More Apps — and Maybe Games, Too

Originally posted on Tech:
I’ve been enjoying Google’s Chromecast since last week, but as I wrote after my initial hands-on time, the video-casting experience isn’t nearly as smooth on laptops as it is on phones and tablets. Being able to…

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S Oil HERE Balloon

A simple but effective idea. Answers do not have to be complicated!

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AU Russia 2013

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#BIM @BIMgcs task group newsletter

The latest edition is out.

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#BIM Client Guide to 3D Scanning and Data Capture

The BIM Task Group has released this guide, recommended reading for everyone in the supply chain but a key document in enabling clients to be more informed about this key technology. More importantly how to leverage it.

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