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Coding – the “must have” industry discipline!

I have to admit, up until 2009 I did not really pay that much attention to coding/programming. I was introduced to computer programming circa 1980 as computers entered the education system. My two best friends were very much into early … Continue reading

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BIM and “For Information”.

Hello there readers (I am sure there are a few of you left). Something that always makes me smile is when “things” are issued for information. What exactly does that mean? Rather than explore that here I will make two … Continue reading

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Why I’m proud to be part of a BIMCrew

Two of the top 10 questions I get asked is “how do we share knowledge and how do we capitalise on the experience we have gained?”. Now this is usually within the context of a company. However we really should … Continue reading

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My Article in December AUGI Magazine My focus on some often overlooked aspects of BIM.  

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Solving the LOD challenge.

Stop using an acronym. Simple! Level of Detail, Level of Development, Level of Definition, a city in Israel and lawyers on demand! (That last one just HAS to be synchronicity). No challenge any more.

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Under 30, 30-45 and over 45

What do they care about, drawings or models? I would propose from discussions that I have had and from personal experience the following. 45+, it is all about the drawing. 30-, it’s all about the model Between those two is … Continue reading

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I do not like BIM

Nothing quite like a title “I do not like BIM” to kick off a new year. I think it is an over used term that is too limiting. But it is easy to use though and most people “get it”. … Continue reading

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101 Things You Do Not Learn In Architecture School No.9, 47 and 49!

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Linkedin Job Spam

Those of you on linkedin have probably noticed the dramatic rise in job spam on linkedin groups. It has reached the point now where it makes most of them more noise than content. This week I am going to hack … Continue reading

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Should BIM start with the Architect or Engineer? – Neither

Should BIM start with the Architect or Engineer? I maintain that the primary beneficiary of “BIM” is the contractor. A BIM enabled contractor can ignore the infighting of the design team and deliver a well coordinated and more importantly … Continue reading

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