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Why I Love My 3D Printer

Absolute GENIUS!

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What we should all be asking when looking at technology!

The key question “Does it work on a mobile platform”. This will be the key shift in how we consume data and carry out work and play in the 21st Century. We need to think beyond being tied to a … Continue reading

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Stone Spray Project

Readers of my blog will know my love of 3D printing. This is yet another innovative research project with real potential. The idea of having ready base material local to the “factory” and the factory itself being solar powered presents … Continue reading

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Ayah Bdeir: Building blocks that blink, beep and teach

I found this particularly inspiring as an enabler for people like me who have an interest in electronics but have never developed a skill in it. It also looks like fun!

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Hans Rosling : The Magic Washing Machine

The difference that two generations can make! Very thought provoking piece presented in a very straightforward and easy to absorb method. “even the hardcore in the green movement use a washing machine”. How to understand the future energy needs of … Continue reading

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A bit of Friday fun

A great concept and well carried out, I love video games, Assassins Creed is an aweseome series and parkour is such a great example of people taking things into their own hands and pushing human capabilities.  

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Tim Berners-Lee on Linked Data and Web 2.0

The man who created the world wide web knows a thing or two about data sharing and “joining the dots”. Database hugging has got to stop and increased breaking down of barriers between silos of information.

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