@BIMShowLive 2017 “Let’s Get Judgmental” – Analyzing & processing Revit Projects for automated output & validation of COBie data

“Let’s Get Judgmental” – Analyzing & processing Revit Projects for automated output & validation of COBie dataThis session will present how real-life architectural projects have used Dynamo Studio to accelerate time consuming challenges like model maintenance/auditing Revit models, verify the data and preparing it for COBie export.
We will explore how Dynamo Studio can automatically create valuable project reports and export them to Excel and Power BI. For example creating reports of elements which have not been modelled to best practice, flagging them in the model to streamline corrective actions.
We will also touch on some limitations of Revit dealing with warnings and automated workarounds to help correcting them.
Finally, I will demonstrate ways to check your data before exporting for information exchanges and creation of COBie data.
Speaker: Thorsten Strathaus, Flanagan LawrenceVIEW BIOG<http://www.bimshowlive.co.uk/speakers/?view=programme174&speaker=174&gt;
COBie is an information structure and IFC THE model file exchange format. It’s a container and everyone knows how to work with containers. 

the operations piece is still missing from the construction strategy

A matured client might look at a building in a different way. 

Three bits of simple data. Where it came from. How long it will last and how much to replace. 

But then you want to be able to further classify to help analyse. Type and name. 

Designers didn’t study at uni to fill in cobie spreadsheets 


Spanner in the works. Duplicates and overlaps. Wrong number and wrong metrics. 

Revit warnings are tracked at an office level monthly. 

Warnings are grouped and ordered by risk. 

Using dynamo to feed the warnings back into revit to create views to remedial purposes. 

A piece of information can be used up to 200 times from creation into operation. 

Part M analysis. Diagram 12. 

Two uniclass codes. Product and system. 

Autodesk cobie extension for revit doesn’t work properly with standard fields and you have to move this data to the right fields. 42 values on 4 sheets. 

Only a few values from the trades. (6)

Parameter name mapping to get the revit parameter into the cobie field using dynamo. 

Using power BI after 90 minutes to analyse the data and drill down. 

Right data and right time for the right people. 


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I have been involved in the construction sector since 1986 and over the years I have seen things change dramatically. Much of the change has been directly as a result of technology. This blog will be about the key combinations of People, Process and Technology. Any views expressed here are strictly my own.
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