My picks for @BIMShowLive 2017

It is great to be back at this annual event after it took a 1 year hiatus. It is going to be interesting how the attendees respond to the “back to its roots” approach. However the event is sold out with 400+ delegates. I will be speaking tomorrow but here are my picks for the day (I would have loved to attended them all, but as of yet I have not managed to procure a clone).

Kicking off with the Keynotes

State of the nation
Speaker: Rob Charlton, Space GroupVIEW BIOG
Keynote Address – Mark Shayler
Speaker: Mark Shayler, VIEW BIOG

Digital Construction’s Wonder Women present The Justice Legals of BIM

Is the BIM Protocol as robust as the Lasso of Truth? Are the Employer’s Information Requirements and the BIM Execution Plan as sturdy as indestructible bracelets?

Sarah and Ashleigh will dispel the legal myths around digital construction and discuss the legal structure behind BIM. This presentation will look at what is required legally to implement Level 2 BIM, whether current contracts and procurement routes cater for this and how this is all being approached in practice.

Speaker: Ashleigh Cole, Herbert Smith FreehillsVIEW BIOG

Speaker: Sarah Rock, Herbert Smith FreehillsVIEW BIOG

Followed by:

Keynote – Stuart Maggs


Integrated Project Insurance: turning construction on its head…because BIM alone cannot do it!

WARNING: not recommended for people who are set in their ways and who don’t like change!

There is always strong focus around the technology side of BIM but for this to work efficiently and to get true value from BIM as an industry we need to take a long hard look at ourselves.

We are notorious for being ‘behind the times’, for blaming each other, being reactive and for being unproductive – BIM on its own is not going to solve all these problems.

We need to go back to basics, look at how construction projects are structured and how we behave within them – to do this we need to change procurement, which in turn means changing what we know and how we go about delivering projects.

The 2011 construction strategy introduced three new methods of procurement one of which was Integrated Project Insurance (IPI).

The session will explore why current procurement methods make us unproductive and wasteful as an industry.

It will introduce IPI as a new form of procurement and run through the basics of the new method.

It will explore the connections between IPI and BIM methodologies.
Finally, it will focus on the world’s first IPI project at Dudley College and lessons learned.

Speaker: Emma Hooper, Metz ArchitectsVIEW BIOG

Rolling on to:

Sainsbury’s Digital Estate – Harvesting Asset Data from Existing 2D DWGs

Mike and Mark will tell the story of Sainsbury’s BIM Journey and how it is now part of a much bigger Digital Estate Programme. The implementation team has dealt with a series of curve balls over the last 18 months implementing a new common data environment together with a project to harvest object and room area data from over 1400 existing 2D store drawings. They will talk about the cultural challenges, the tech and the standards and introduce you to SID and SAM, the characters who now help them explain to colleagues what digital estate will mean to them.

Speaker: Michael Barber, Sainsbury’sVIEW BIOG

Speaker: Mark Stoggell, PCSGVIEW BIOG

Then I have not chosen my last one as it is tough to choose between one of these three:

Sexy Data – The data that the AECO sector should be using

Do you REALLY want Manufacturers content? Success stories in re-purposing MFG Content for BIM

Getting The ‘Fluffy’ Sh**e Right… Organisational Information Requirements – What Data Do You Need


So onwards and I will post my notes from each one.


About Shaun Farrell

I have been involved in the construction sector since 1986 and over the years I have seen things change dramatically. Much of the change has been directly as a result of technology. This blog will be about the key combinations of People, Process and Technology. Any views expressed here are strictly my own.
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