@BIMShowLive Sainsbury’s Digital Estate – Harvesting Asset Data from Existing 2D DWGs

Sainsbury’s Digital Estate – Harvesting Asset Data from Existing 2D DWGs
Mike and Mark will tell the story of Sainsbury’s BIM Journey and how it is now part of a much bigger Digital Estate Programme. The implementation team has dealt with a series of curve balls over the last 18 months implementing a new common data environment together with a project to harvest object and room area data from over 1400 existing 2D store drawings. They will talk about the cultural challenges, the tech and the standards and introduce you to SID and SAM, the characters who now help them explain to colleagues what digital estate will mean to them.
Speaker: Michael Barber, Sainsbury’sVIEW BIOG
Speaker: Mark Stoggell, PCSGVIEW BIOG
Buzzsaw. BIW. Network drives. Store space for store fit out plans. One place for tracking data. ICON – component type – 17 years of standards. Petrol filling station database. How to make 2D plans as intelligent. Project hive for snagging and KPI. And more ….
Info in lots of different places. No single source but how do you integrate. 

Work done around 3D models and objects. 
Used for stakeholder communisation as most of it is a big shed. 

The rise of the discounters. 


High speed creates challenges with version control. 

Carried out model audit. Do drawings match and do as builts match. 

Sometimes quicker to do retrospective collection then to hunt down archive data. 


To digitise and effectively manage all data related to building and asset information. Delivering a love view of the existing and future estate. 

The right systems – defined data – culture and training – the right proces. 
Deliver three things. 

The filing cabinet. 

A database. 

Process manager. For right place and right time. 
Went for business collaborator. 

Subject matter experts : PCSG

Evaluated the client as having models but not even level 1 BIM from an information point of view. 
Asset hierarchy. 


Translate BIM terms into the client langauage. 

Classification jif or jif?

Selling space. Not basmemet. Lower ground floor. 

Cultural challenges. Address through engagement and comms. 
Valdiated information prior to consolidation into BC.

7500 fit out components and spec items. 

Only links are used to connect data, the data is not pulled into the model. 

Able to do this due to a long established use of iCON

Now have a national database of their trading estate. 
All linked through One Property. Used some API work to do system connections. 

Plan is to move this forward into IFC. 

Key is making people accountable for checking. 


Auto association of meta data by file name

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I have been involved in the construction sector since 1986 and over the years I have seen things change dramatically. Much of the change has been directly as a result of technology. This blog will be about the key combinations of People, Process and Technology. Any views expressed here are strictly my own.
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