@BIMShowLive Do you REALLY want Manufacturers content

Do you REALLY want Manufacturers content? Success stories in re-purposing MFG Content for BIMWhen adopting BIM, the longest slog is creating the family files that you’ll need to generate your designs productively – but there is so much great content out their already on building product suppliers websites, couldn’t you just use that?
We all know that it’s not that simple. Manufacturing models are not only far more complicated than we require for BIM, they rarely contain the data we require. So how can building product manufactures, suppliers and specifiers work closer together to share data in a way that benefits all parties?
In this presentation, we will tell the stories of customers who have taken on the challenge. We will look at the problems they’ve faced, the solution’s they’ve implemented and discuss the merits of each.
The challenges of sharing data with the right amount of detail at the right time are by no means solved. We are interested in your views on this subject and we look forward to some lively debate!
Speaker: Paul Munford, Graitec UKVIEW BIOG
Most of this came about thanks to the power of copy and paste. 

Digital protypes – do clients care?

In buildings we have context. 

Not present in digital prototypes. Relationships to other objects only. 

As accurate as possible for manufacture. 

In BIM we go the other way. We start large and work down. 

Manufacturer data runs to about 500 components, BIM is many more. 

Usually distributed cad systems. “Part files”

Model one to make millions. Model millions to make one. 

Digital manufacturing have no concept of detail levels. It’s all 1 to 1 and exactly as built. 

Modelling kernels are different. 

Parametric are lost in transfer because of the kernels. 

Data transfers pretty well. 


Does transfer geometry, data, MEP connectors and appearances. 

Does not transfer parametrics, groups, voids and lines. 

Off the shelf or bespoke or custom. 


Cad files available?

Parametrics required?

MEP connectors?

Detail levels/2D?

BIM platform?

File format?


Data to include?

Aimed at MEP designer 

White sales – solution to use inventor to design as design in a revit family is a mare. 

Inventor 2017 only exports to revit 2017 so this needs to be born in mind. 

From inventor and wrapped up in a revit family. 

Dumped a DWG into a client empty family file. 

You can open a revit project file in inventor. Crop box around an area rather than the whole model. 

As ACIS sat file for reference. Interesting point of collaboration. 

Scolmore – minigrid

360 configurator uses the forge API

Ipart in inventor. 

iLogic tools. 

Provide revit families rather than the native. 


Geometry and data depends on target audience use. Difference between detail and accuracy. 

About Shaun Farrell

I have been involved in the construction sector since 1986 and over the years I have seen things change dramatically. Much of the change has been directly as a result of technology. This blog will be about the key combinations of People, Process and Technology. Any views expressed here are strictly my own.
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  1. Paul Munford says:

    Great idea to take notes and publish them straight to your blog for future reference!

    Thanks for attending, I hope you found it usuful 🙂


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