@BIMShowLive 2017 keynotes

Kicking off with the Keynotes
David Philp opens. 

Technology in usd already. Silent headphones for some sessions to counter the acoustics. 

The mandate gets a mention and the growth of standards. 

Capabilities on the rise. 

U.K. BIM alliance and women in BIM. 

Client intervention is one of the motivators for digitisation. 

Scotland 2017 BIM becomes policy. 

Don’t forget level 1 as the stepping stone to level 2. 

BIM task group morphing into digital built Britain. 

State of the nation

Speaker: Rob Charlton, Space GroupVIEW BIOG
Recognition of the impact of the wedge diagram. 

Key topics are innovation. 

The venue is where Stephensons rocket was designed and built. 

Water/steam, electricity, automation and cyber physical systems. The 4 revolutions. 

Interoperable, information, assistance and decisions – industry 4.0

Design and prototype. Define and validate. Manufacture and assemble. Operate and maintain. (Level 3 and DBB)

Today is about the leading edge. 

Plan for BIM show live 2022 to be in Edinburgh. Steady migration north. 

Keynote Address – Mark Shayler

Speaker: Mark Shayler, VIEW BIOG

Disruption : where will to end?

Your parents dreams for you involve no risk. You need to move beyond these to take risks for yourself. 

Good ideas have the potential to have negative impacts. With action comes responsibility. 
Side projects can end up being main projects. 

What do you want to be today?

If you stand for nothing you will fall for anything. 

We are living in a time that is the most dynamic ever. 
West to east. 

Male to female. 

Old to young. It not about age it’s about thinking. 

Retailer to consumer. Power is in the consumers hand. 

Professional to amateur. Democratisation of tools. 

Physical to digital. Linear matters. Vinyl you play in sequence without skipping and inserting. 

Facts to post-truth. 

Jobs to a calling. Do good stuff all along. Life offset is not the way to go. 

Product to service. 

People to machines. 
People bought more through digital selection because there was no guilt than when faced with a human. (Mc Donald’s)

Maxwells law of accelerating returns. 
You job in 30 years may well exist but not in the way it does today. 

57% of jobs in the OECD are at risk. 

We have lit the touch paper and we don’t know where it’s going. 

Realtime assessment of data will reduce labour. 

AI and algorithms are not always right. It’s how it’s applied. 

Right hand to wipe and left hand to swipe. 

Tantalum mines and the phone upgrade culture. Not disruptive just plain bad. 

Verbage – business bollocks – declarations based on fear of reality. 

Purpose makes you stronger. Start with why. – Simon S.

Sell outputs and not the fear. 

Go back to why your business exists in the first place. 

It’s easier to be brilliant than average as it’s a smaller group. 

Diversity makes businesses better. 

Nice businesses win as they attract the best talent. 

Talent lifts you above everyone else. 

Cheap is not going to help you win. 

Not average, cheap or a bastard. 

Chase great work and the Money will come to you. 

It’s easy to let go of your purpose but there is always time to change. 

Chronos time. Khiros time. 

The shift has hit the fan. 

Paul mason on the end of capitalism.

Dollar shave club – video. 

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. 

Better people make better businesses. Sleep. Eat well. Run. Do yoga. Be nice to people. 

James Pellat – head of projects great Portland estates. 

(BIM technologies)

Unlocking potential. 

What a client wants from BIM. You just haven’t provided it yet. 

Refers to the Strava app. Data gives a sense of direction and all the things I never knew I needed. 

What can we use data for?

Collection has taken time over 7 projects and 6 years. 

Design well for the operation of the asset. 

Encourage desbate about what good looks like. 

Still improvement to be made in collaboration. Challenge clients in intelligent ways. What are you doing to encourage your client. Bring good ideas to clients. 

Everyone needs to be able to make money. 

Most FM companies rely on crap information. Soft landings approach appoints FM during the process. 

Using the model to communicate to the building manager what they are going to get. 

Empowered designers but back in 2012. Had to pay more at the time. 

27 sub contractors of which 11 had in house BIM and outsourced by 16. 

QR codes linked to instructional videos for site workers to instruct good practice. 

Focus on solutions not on th design. Richer conversation. 

73/89 Oxford street. MEP using revit as primary source of information. 

Jacked up the facade made possible by being able to focus on solutions. 

Refurb for one project. Digitise paper to make structural model and then verify by scan. 

Outputs used as a sales tool for communication. 

People solve things with a digital tool and not the other way around. 

Enhance productivity and collaboration at the heart. 

Accept it can be frustrating. For every pound invested at least 2 are saved. 

BIM helps but not in isolation. 

Trough in December 2014 and now in enlightment in 2015. 

What makes tenants happy to keep renting is what’s important. 

What info can you provide that enables better operation of the building. 

Delivering wellbeing. 
The supply chain are getting there. Less problems and less waste but they need to go through a project before they see the benefit. 

Using data partly in soft planning, POE and partly at programme level. No live performance data yet. 


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I have been involved in the construction sector since 1986 and over the years I have seen things change dramatically. Much of the change has been directly as a result of technology. This blog will be about the key combinations of People, Process and Technology. Any views expressed here are strictly my own.
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