#bsl2014 Panel Discussion – Implications of BIM for FM (Stage 1)

13:15 – 14:00
Panel Discussion – Implications of BIM for FM (Stage 1)

Date: 2014-04-24
Simon Rawlinson
Partner, Head of Strategic Research and Insight – EC Harris
Ian Rooney
National Head of Business Information – NHS Property Services Ltd
Olly Thomas
Information Manager – BIM.Technologies
Peter Runacres
Senior Projects Director – Argent
Rahul Shah
BIM/VDC Practitioner
Chris Maddison
Project and Programme Manager – CBRE



Organisations are going to have to stand up and engage in what they want.
Pioneering is costly. CFO’s care about the bottom line. If BIM does not address that then it is off no use. Technology focused. Not much in the way of end users and FM on the delegate list.

Robert: The energy equation, not just BIM. Future BMS situations. Can we drive energy into the solution.

Peter : the model is a means to an end but the client wants to use it through the life of the estate. Data not captured. Not from the BMS. No post analysis done by owners. Opportunity in energy savings. Life of a PFI. Include infrastructure and public realm.

Robert : soft landings. Practical completion, people just left the room leaving the FM alone.

What about KPI and SLA? Designers should understand this. Time and motion studies.

Ian : no more O&M manuals? Services in existing buildings using scans but in the MEP services. Saves leaving the office. Remove tile. Put scanner in the void. Some nice ideas but no real substance.

Rahul : priorities are the same with public and private sector. Stakeholders are getting more sophisticated. Supplementing mock up exercises. Time, cost and quality are still the priority.

Chris : multi tenancy – single anchor tenant. Base build systems get cut and re-jiggled. Could this dilute the BIM process. Or do building managers get more restrictive. Product as service models could be entering that arena. FM can be outsourced.

Olly : MOJ is a very intelligent client. A point in time where we now have the data but where do we make it go. FM will eventually have to upskill to update the digital asset. Not going back to the designer.

More efficiency by FM will offer a better service to the client. At handover if they can’t use the data due to no skills would be a disaster. If however if there is no benefit then why do it. The benefits have to be demonstrated but the data is not there yet.
The big piece, tie together systems and data, specifically into accounts. Holistic use of data in all aspects of the business.

SFG20 element breakdown. Asset tagging. Guarantee risks.

Ian : Standardise the components in a building. Without limiting innovation.
NHS can now move best practice around the country. Systems and processes.


How people use the facility. That’s soft data that is not used. This is why google have bought Nest. They wanted the algorithms not the hardware for tracking peoples habits.

Olly : start with the customer and work backwards.



Efficiency, certainty and value.

Soft landings champion!

How to get FM in the room. RICS are trying. Ask for BIM proposals. Customers need to drive it. Until consultant leads talk to clients about getting the FM in then they will not show. It’s all down to clients. Most of the clients were government lead. What’s it in for me? We have to answer that question. But where is the private sector?

FM in EIR. Clients. Evidence.

About Shaun Farrell

I have been involved in the construction sector since 1986 and over the years I have seen things change dramatically. Much of the change has been directly as a result of technology. This blog will be about the key combinations of People, Process and Technology. Any views expressed here are strictly my own.
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