The Sky’s the Limit. Autodesk ReCap Goes Pro with GoPro.

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Totally BIMdacious dude!   The below video shows the latest version of Autodesk ReCap using images taken with a GoPro camera – mounted on an  unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)  no less! – and compiled into a 3D model.

3D image-based model of the Potrero del Sol Skatepark in San Francisco created with a GoPro camera, DJI Phantom UAV, and Photo on Autodesk ReCap 360 3D modeling cloud services.

Potrero del Sol
Potrero Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94110, United States
+1 415-554-9521

and …


5 tech trends transforming BIM/VDC

Trend #1. 3D laser scanning is becoming affordable

In a recent article getting a lot of social media coverage was a feature on the top 5 trend which are set to transform the BIM and Virtual Design Construction industry. Number 1 trend was the “affordability” of 3D scanners and their output.


Trend #1. 3D laser scanning is becoming affordable

The promise of enhancing…

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I have been involved in the construction sector since 1986 and over the years I have seen things change dramatically. Much of the change has been directly as a result of technology. This blog will be about the key combinations of People, Process and Technology. Any views expressed here are strictly my own.
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