#au2013 CR4126:BuildX Forum: Construction Site of the Future

Room: Palazzo K, Level 5Type: Lecture

No one knows for sure what the job site will look in 10 years—technology will progress, thought leaders will innovate, demands will change—but your goals to win work and be profitable will likely be the same. Join us for this ideas-packed hour designed specifically for contractors and those who work in all areas of the construction industry. We address the real-world challenges you have today and navigate you through the possibilities of tomorrow to improve predictability and productivity. Listen and watch as industry leaders and visionaries illustrate what’s possible, and leave inspired to go boldly into the future.

Productivity in construction has fallen 15% and yet all companies are improving. 

4 pieces of technology coming to a job site near you

Inspiration from manufacturing. Lean manufacturing to lean construction. 

Managing construction supply chain and quality. 

Hannu Lindberg – DPR construction

Prefabrication and modular assemblies. Just in time delivery methods. Opportunities to track these things sooner. 

Lightspeed is too slow. We will have to go right to ludicrous speed. 

Global sourcing. Tagging products with their source to allow tracking of supply chain and timing. 

Supply chain and QA/QC process. Check at

Ready to ship
Received offsite
Received on site

Traditional supply chain and quality control. Time taken on fixing mistakes. No transparency in the process to validate schedules. 
Replace paper systems with scanners and bar codes. 
Work in place metrics and “keeping score”. Amazing what you can do with good data. 
Keep score otherwise it’s just practice. 
Billing verification, supplier accountability, schedule accuracy. 
Supply chain ROI and insurance. 
Real time information. 

Turis Systems the future of reality capture. 

The scanning revolution. Terrestrial. Aerial. Mobile. Hand held. 
Site conditions. 
Material storage. 
Tree locations and model root locations. 
Capture and monitor during construction. 
Use scans for tolerance checking. 
Analysis before pours in real time. Comparing models against clouds. 
Check manufacturing process and shipping. 
Easy on site progress monitoring. 
Verification of model against built and tracking 
Blending multiple sources of information blended is reality capture. 
Formwork. Concrete reinforcement. Tolerance reporting. 
Floor flatness. Deflections etc. 
cnc cutter on site to cut plasterboard based on scans data of framing. 
Monitor movement, sesimic and freeze thaw. 
Thermal monitoring and analysis. 
3d thermal imaging before and after. 

Federico augugliaro ETH Zurich 

The flying machine arena
Mo cap system
Flying machines : 
Monitoring and inspection
Aerial photography. 
Mapping and photogrammetry. 
Research – localisation, navigationn, coordination, dynamics
Object manipulation, interaction with people, aerial construction. 
Effect of external forces. Vehicle design. 

Physical human-quad interaction. 

Aerial construction. Flight assembled construction. 
Live installation at FRAC centre. 

Advantages. Move to any location. Manoeuvre in or around existing structures. 
Limited payload and accuracy. 
What kind of structures can see this as an advantage. 
Tensile structures!

Flying machines can interact with the environment. 
Current and future work – precise outdoor localisation. Battery life. Stability during interaction. 

Berok khoshnevis – contour crafting. CRAFT Southern California 

Maslows hierarchy of human needs


Automation of the fabrication on construction is missing. 
Cam solved this. Where is construction. 
We have been doing 3d printing for 1000’s of years. Adobe and compacted mud buildings. 
 Contour crafting uses thick layers. 
Smooth outside with ribbed interior. 
Average size home can be built in 20 hours. Custom built on site. 
Not limited to rectilinear walls. 
No formwork. 
Automated reinforcement. 
Automated plumbing 
Planetary construction. 
Built with Martian soil stimulant. 
This is the 12 second wright brothers flight, this is the first baby steps. 
Wight brothers to space shuttle. 







About Shaun Farrell

I have been involved in the construction sector since 1986 and over the years I have seen things change dramatically. Much of the change has been directly as a result of technology. This blog will be about the key combinations of People, Process and Technology. Any views expressed here are strictly my own.
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