#auinfra #au2013 IFS3554 Breakout Group 2: Technology Showcase—Transforming Workflows in Infrastructure

Room: Delfino 4105.
Type: Breakout

This technology showcase highlights how cloud-based technology, laser scanning, and mobile devices can change what’s possible across infrastructure projects. First, you’ll get a demonstration of reality capture technology—where intelligent models are created from laser scans and captured photos—enabling you to add, modify, validate, and document design processes in the context of the existing environment. Second, hold onto your hard hats and tablets for a demonstration of cloud-based collaboration tools for constructability and mobile field management. See how you can help to simplify multidiscipline model coordination and clash detection which can help to turn your field data into powerful information that improves quality, safety, and profitability on your capital projects. After the demonstrations, you will have a chance to join the conversation on how these capabilities can be applied to your infrastructure projects and workflows.

Reality capture workflow

Jack strongitharm – twitter junctionjack

Technology evolution in survey. Line of sight challenge. Combine techniques. 10 minute work in recreation use. Capture from the side. Not over roads, rail or people. 

Certification in drone piloting. Go pro on hexacopter pulled into recap photo. Register in recap using  GIS and scans. Or register in autocad. 

Point clouds are treated as xrefs in autocad. 

10k drone and a 2k drove twelve months later gave similar models. 

Green not gray. Modelling sustainability programs – Lynda sharkey

Simulate and optimise our cities. Planet, people and profit. 

Walk score and transit score. 

Citizen access simulation. How far can you walk in 5 minutes

Co2 emission changes in local environment due to transit changes. 

Infraworks – Lidar and GIS data. 

Kevin Gilson – parsons brinckerhoff – infraworks and recap 

Multiple sources of data brought together in infraworks. 

Half a day to scan an overpass detail model. Recap used to clean up the scan. An hours work to clean up the scan. Large scale context. 

Eddy Krygiel – HNTB – impact studies. Greater understanding. 

Kevin Riggs – president and CEO of Cole – north side regeneration tech. Saint Louis. 2000 acre redevelopment area. Social aspects. Digital cities. How do we use this data to manage the city. Building manager scaled up to the city scale. 

Keith Warren VTN consulting – civils full service. Listen to the pain points of the customer. Las Vegas – downtown redevelopment, 3d buildings, signage, topo and planimetric, 3d above and below, asset management and local app. 

Benefit in overlaps of data capture to increase profitability by only doing the capture once and sharing it. 

Ground penetrating radar for finding underground. Legislation for open trench surveying mandated. 

4 hours to scan 10 miles. 1.5 weeks to clean up the data. Industry standard colour coding  of services. 

Augmented reality of the utilities. 

Challenges of integrating one disciplines operating procedures with another’s. Changing their focus on delivering information to client. Not just for their own purpose. A cycle of re-integration of information back into the process as it’s collected. Data collection is updated every day as it’s collected through an app. 

William lineberry – HNTB

Technology used as a means to an end. Important deliverable to the owner. Client is using the data. The models and data are an important part of the deliverable. 

Johan Kuppens – Infranea – city of Nijmegan – room for the river waal

Before the forts shovel hits the soil we want to analyse and assess. Systems engineering. 

3D BIM bomb model. 

Participation goals. 40 different companies generating models. 

BIM 360 glue to allow online consolidation. 

360 field saved 2 hours per issue. Everything done in the field rather than back and forth. 

BIM handover. Data taken into a neutral database into Maximo. Capture any project into a neutral database and move it into any other source. Process of confirmation to match the field to the model. Client creates content to be used by design team. 

Within 6 months the investment in the BIM technology and process was recouped.


About Shaun Farrell

I have been involved in the construction sector since 1986 and over the years I have seen things change dramatically. Much of the change has been directly as a result of technology. This blog will be about the key combinations of People, Process and Technology. Any views expressed here are strictly my own.
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