IFS3550:Infrastructure Symposium: General Session #AU2013 #auinfra

Room: Delfino 4105.
Type: General Session

The symposium provides peer networking opportunities across owner/operators and the network of engineering, design, and construction firms that are focused on supporting infrastructure projects and managing asset lifecycles. The symposium opens with a general session, including a welcome address and several visual vignettes on reality capture and modeling. Watch as we capture a bridge, fly through a city model, and visualize an interchange. Next, hear about the business case for green infrastructure. Cities, utilities, government agencies, and engineering firms all manage concerns about infrastructure resilience and must consider highly-aggressive sustainability targets. Both are driving infrastructure spending in a new way. Find out how 110 cities are mitigating over a billion tons of CO2 per year.

Lisa Campbell opens with introduction. 

900 attendees up from 250 last year. 

Transformative technology
Global best practices. 
Real projects – real success
Transformative technology 
Singapore want to do a full model of their country 
Use of real data leading into simulation
Reality capture. 
Capture existing conditions. 
Data visualization – infra works – not just geometry. 
Predicting outcomes. How will an asset perform in the future. 

Global best practices – call for further participation next year 

Project success
“Infrastructure cliff”
Duplication project highway in limeira
Camargo correa – Laguna bridge Brazil 
Zhaotang converter station yunnan china 
Khed city in India – kalyani group

Innovation forum – design and construction transformed Tuesday 430pm
Buildx – construction site of future CR4126:BuildX Forum: Construction Site of the Future

Room: Palazzo K, Level 5
Type: Lecture

No one knows for sure what the job site will look in 10 years—technology will progress, thought leaders will innovate, demands will change—but your goals to win work and be profitable will likely be the same. Join us for this ideas-packed hour designed specifically for contractors and those who work in all areas of the construction industry. We address the real-world challenges you have today and navigate you through the possibilities of tomorrow to improve predictability and productivity. Listen and watch as industry leaders and visionaries illustrate what’s possible, and leave inspired to go boldly into the future.

Teresa Elliot – marketing manager infrastructure – awards

3rd place (look this up later)

2nd place – infranea – working around bombs on site. 

1st place – HNTB – multi use model. Westin hotels and resorts. Denver international airport hotel

Www.infrastucture-excellence.com – December 16th

5th mode of transportation
hyperloop pdf elon musk
Dr Jordan Brandt 
Carbon fibre stitching machine. 

Recap in real life. Recap photo
Point cloud from photos
2014 – 20bln points

Operation ground truth
Mobile liar and love level aerial
S800 hexacopter
Aerial +\- 3%

Minot community modelling – 3d print out of the box from infra works. Not easy but doable
See through model for layers of information – great idea. 

Using a UAV for low level aerial photography to improve public data in graphics and detail within infraworks. 

Printing a 3d model of data capture coral to create moulds for new coral. Less destructive. Historical record. 

Sonar scan via recap into infraworks for underwater modelling. Sharing the data with locals to give context. The power of 3d visualisation. 
Track changes between models over time. 
Ports are going to have to upgrade to match the upgrade to the Panama Canal to an increase of 6x in containers. Marine and terrestrial modeling combined. 
Oil and gas is underwater


About Shaun Farrell

I have been involved in the construction sector since 1986 and over the years I have seen things change dramatically. Much of the change has been directly as a result of technology. This blog will be about the key combinations of People, Process and Technology. Any views expressed here are strictly my own.
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