Things To Know About Russia : Arriving

Migration Cards
Before passing through Border Control into Russia all non-Russian citizens will be required to complete a Migration Card.
These are usually distributed on the plane before landing or alternatively, they can be found in the Border Control hall.
This form consists of two parts; Entry and Exit.
The Entry part will be taken as you pass though the border and the Exit part will be put in your passport.
You must keep the Exit part safe with your passport as you will need it to leave Russia.

Registration of visas is a form of migration control within Russia managed by UFMS (Federal Migration Service Organisation).
It is not aimed specifically at tourists or business people; rather its general aim is to control illegal immigration from the former Soviet Republics into the Russian Federation, though as the law is all-encompassing, foreigners including tourists are also required to register.
Registration (other than in St Petersburg) involves placing a stamp either in your passport or on your migration card and obtaining a registration slip.
The stamps and registration slip show the period you are registered to stay in any one place. In addition to the dates it will also contain the name of the hotel, accommodation or apartment, where you are staying and the name of the sponsor organisation.
Please be aware that the Russian police often stop people to check their passports and travel documents, especially around train, metro and bus stations so please remember to carry your passport, migration card and registration slip with you at all times.
There is nothing unusual in this and there is nothing to be worried about if you are stopped, so long as you have registered correctly.
If you are stopped by the police for any reason, they will check that you are registered to be in the city / town and that the dates are valid.

One thing to note is if you are feeling that you are being treated unfairly or are unsure, use your phone/camera to take a picture of the officials ID “For your records”.

You should register within 7 working days of arrival.
It is the responsibility of the visitor to register in each place where you spend seven working days or more. When registering in each new city (where your stay is seven working days or more), you have to hand in the registration slip from the previous city, so we recommend taking a copy of all your registration slips. You must hand in the final original registration slip at the border on departure from Russia.
In St. Petersburg, registration is usually completed by hotels (or agencies) through an online system so you may be advised by the hotel (agency) to keep the original registration slip from your previous city of stay (where applicable) rather than handing it in to the St. Petersburg authorities; in that case, you should hand in both original registration slips at the border on exiting Russia

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