#BSL2013 BIM Show Live 2013 Day 01

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Aim to be a BIG BIM event.
Define, design, assemble and operate..
The aim to bring the Constuction industry together.
Denial resistance exploration commitment.

North slower than south. Public is slower than private.

Manufactures represents 60% of the industry

New minds, new skills, the next generation get it.

11.30 Stage 04: Operate and Maintain
Kath Fontana, Managing Director, BAM FM
Is there life after BIM? Delivering enduring value from BIM data

Don’t perpetuate the “handing off” that’s prevalent in the industry at the moment.

Even the documents are split.

FM has to take part right at the start. Take measurements and metrics right from the start.

What we are doing in BIM today will have no effect on FM as it stands today!

GSL : environment. Functionality and effectiveness. Financial. Commissioning, testing and handover. Fm. Cobie to CAFM

FM does not operate in a standards based environment. Hardly regulated. No structural framework.

Moments of truth. When you are actually in a working building.

Customer focus.

Bam – Cobie : is this really what your clients need. What do you think they will do with it? Limited snap shot and a one way data transfer. Too much. Too late.

Data. To information. To intelligence. To insight.

What do they need.
People change. Process change. Technology change. Trying to make it a professional Constuction space

Gift to customer : make better decisions. Improve predictability. Reduce risks.

14.45 Stage 02: Design and Prototype
Alvise Simondetti, Global Leader Virtual Design, Arup
Participatory BIM
http://www.quest3d.com/ and luminion
Electronic arts/criterion and unity.

People behave differently than architects “expect”
Run simulations to get real world feedback from active users. Way finding example. 3 minutes to complete a 1.30minute route.

Foresight team of 11 people. To ensure the company are in business in 20 years time.
Virtual design network.
Real time synthetic environments.
Started as a separate business.
Start with the most complicated project to get the most value.
Collaborative viewing of a model in a game engine. I love my xbox skills.

Active library to allow users to add in context relative assets

Complete freedom within a completely constrained environment.

Not drawings any more but assembly diagrams. Allows change right up to the last minute.

CCTV – model the coverage? “become a camera” mode.

Enabling non technical users as a disruptive engine for change through easy to use and intuitive systems that directly relate to real world scenarios.

3drepo.org. Mobile verses.


Where is the value in FM. It’s not there. But incident management.

16.15 Stage 01: Define and Validate
Rob Jackson, Associate, Bond Bryan Architects
Nigel Davies, Founding Director, Evolve Consultancy
IFC: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

It’s not IFC the format but the vendors implementation of it.

ArchiCAD can assign object types to any object.

Mapping data type names across platforms and IFC is key.

Great technical presentation. One to review again offline.

Where do we sit with our due diligence? Does we place it on the vendor or on the traditional data author.


About Shaun Farrell

I have been involved in the construction sector since 1986 and over the years I have seen things change dramatically. Much of the change has been directly as a result of technology. This blog will be about the key combinations of People, Process and Technology. Any views expressed here are strictly my own.
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