#AU2012 #UKBimCrew BO4360-R – Mobile Technology in Business Structure: We Are Ready for It, But Are They?

Overseen by Joseph Joseph SAIC

Key items: Connectivity, the culture of anti-trust, bandwidth

this was a very dynamic round table and probably raised more questions than it answered but it was very stimulating.

Can you get what you need when you need it? Crossing the chasm – Geoffrey Moore

Session | Objective & Expectations
Higher Demand on Information Streaming Real-Time
Emphasis of Cloud & Mobile Technology – Global Market
Mobile Technology = Clouds + Mobile
The Readiness of the HW / SW / Mobile – to serve us
How they Function in AEC & Interact with BIM
Our Readiness – Burden of Deploying & Supporting

Topic 1 | Issues Introduced
Overuse of “Cloud Computing & Mobile” Technology
These Technologies Radically Changes the way we work
Not just production – but data consumption + storage
The Impact on CAD, BIM and Production Managers
Financial Burden of Restructuring during Cost-Cutting
Key Questions
What’s the feeling on Cloud Computing / Mobile Technology?
Are you adopting any of these technologies? At What Rate?
How is this topic impacting your position and staff around you?
Do you think – this is all hype? Or a gained efficiency?

Humans by their nature take the path of least resistance. The pure convenience. We have multiple devices but we would rather have just one.

Connectivity and power are a challenge but its a technology challenge.

Changing demographics of a new generation will push us forward. Being born into the digital age, digital natives.

Cheaper to have 7 ipads then seven sets of paper given as an example. Convenience if access.

Iron Key to protect mobile devices.

Topic 2 | The Strategy
Defining Cloud Computing for your firm is critical
Readiness of Manufacturers with tools / Apps / Devices
More & More Desire for Mobility in Workplace
Burden of Cost, Support & Management VS. Existing
Key Questions
Do you have a Cloud Computing Strategy / Definition?
What are our AEC Options with Clouds today?
What Areas: Virtualization, Collaboration, crunching?
Why Interested in Clouds: Agility, Scalability, Mobility?
Any Customer Demands? Or Speed to Market?
How Many Major Cloud Services are you engaged in?

Used in construction to distribute documentation to people in the field.

Goodreader combined with Ignite

iphones used for field notes by surveyors.

Services, dropbox, readers.

Few have a documented strategy for use of the cloud. Many are project requirements and dealt with as needs of the project by project basis. “I need continuous access to my data 24/7 around the world”.

Some have made a financial decision to save on hardware by leveraging distributed technology and remote access.

First service was Rendering that most were aware of.

So many different things that are bundled under cloud. You have to break it up into smaller pieces.

Persistent desktop/computing.

IT departments face the “with connectivity comes productivity”, “the smaller the firm the more the IT department has an awareness of the business objectives”. Educate the IT department on “how we make money” so that they have a better understanding of how the operations run.

You have no control over what other companies use so blocking access to certain sharing sites can cause challenges.

You have to have sharing transactions logs when using these sorts of services. With new technology comes new processes.

Interesting point on Law http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Discovery_(law) when dealing with devices that are personal with business connectivity, if a mistaken “from address” can mean that the personal device will be impounded for investigation.


Bandwidth and connectivity is a large issue. Gigabytes of point cloud data need to be transferred.

Streaming on demand is a technology on the rise. Along with logging into a remote machine for all.

Topic 3 | The Move
Adoption Chunks, Formulating the Pieces / Needs
Internal Adoption Vs. Outsourced Solutions
The Impact on Business Models of Partners & Clients
Action Items as it relates to adopting Clouds + Mobile
Key Questions
Better to Start Adoption in Chucks, or stand on side line?
How to Measure Adoption Steps Taken?
Should AEC Stand-up and Shape the IT Solutions?
Do it Yourself as a firm or Outsource It?
Is our Part in Due-diligence ONLY? Security, Integrity, etc..
Why Should we carry the burden of owning datacenters?

We are in the 21st Century, Intellectual Property needs to be revisited with a generation who have grown up in a connected world where sharing is the primary activity.

You should always trust your external partners but verify as well to satisfy the legals when  partnering just so that question gets killed off as the anti-trust mentality is what is killing the collaborative effort.

Topic 3 | The Move
Key Questions
Is there an overpromise of Clouds for AEC Market?
Interoperability Challenges – Also Clouds + Mobile?
Is this time to reinvent Business Models?
Technology Production, Collaboration?
Restructure I.T. – focus on Design + Construction?
Find a Real-Time way to better deliver to clients?
Or is it too costly and bold to try these things out?
What are Steps You Taking to Adopt Mobile?
Can This be a Competitive Advantage?
Do You Support BYOD – to work? Security Vs. Cost

BIM is niche market but the cloud is a global market of personal use.

Carbon vs silicon comes up a lot, culture versus tech. Because you can does not mean you should.

About Shaun Farrell

I have been involved in the construction sector since 1986 and over the years I have seen things change dramatically. Much of the change has been directly as a result of technology. This blog will be about the key combinations of People, Process and Technology. Any views expressed here are strictly my own.
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