#AU2012 #UKBimCrew IF5189 – The Future of Design: How the Masters Create in 2025

International Design Innovation Awards 2025 – themed opening speech.

Warmer, 9 million people, India has greater population than china, 60% of people live in cities, 100 trillion connected devices, an exobyte of information per day, by the end of 2025 that will rise to 4 exobytes.

Advances in computing machinery : Brian David Johnson, Deutchco, Non-deteministic computation architecture. https://twitter.com/IntelFuturist http://www.linkedin.com/pub/brian-david-johnson/5/255/516

Intel + DWave = Quantum Computing, you dont think of one problem, you think of all problems. What if computational power did not become the terminator but rather a teddy bear. 2014 models a rat brain, 2024 modelled the human brain. Creating patterns and pattern recognition, evolution favours randomness. Good decisions and bad decisions. The quantum analysis of all solutions. The goal is to play a supporting role. Poke through the world that we live in and look at a world of possibilities.

Advances in the built environment : Alvise Simondetti, Universal Popup Hotel. Yes by advocators, co designers and the team. Personal copter taking a shot over tower bridge when the thames froze over, the mall is a series of wind turbines due to exhorbitant power bills, shanty towns spread through the centre of London. 7m high spring tide. Notting hill carnival of 20million people were persuaded to wear blue sun block which prevented racial tension. Pop up hotel used to utilise empty spaces from venture capital. Chassis, insert pods, infrastructure and experience. Chassis 15 days to build, pods pre-printed off site already with the furniture and trees. Rain harvesting atrium insert pod and the climate mitigation pod. Software level of the hotel can brand the hotel in the reception and working environment. The experience of modes of work where the interior is reconfigured. Digital augmented paint by apple iTouch and iSmell and the customisation of the environment.

Advances in transportation design : Javiera Verdura, Tesla Motors. 2003 Teslsa was at the forefront of electric vehicle, around 2012 made the best vehicle in the world. Roadster in 2008. Model S followed. 2012 voted the best car. Model X SUV with falcon doors. Became a viable american car manufacturer. In 2012 Mit Romney called Tesla a loser company. In 2010 a quarter of the companies were petro chem in the forbes top 10, this ended in 2025. Supercharger network along highways spread across the country and then across the world. in 2018 1 mile to 1 second range. 300 miles in 5 minutes gave 100% freedom. Extreme range anxiety syndrome in the first quarter of the century. 28 dollars a gallon in 2025 for unleaded. Trying to get rid of the reliance on fossil fuels. PMC, perpetual motion charging. You will never have to pay for the energy that powers your vehicle. Free energy for life. Sending energy through wireless technology. Brighter sun, laser powered beaming units that take the sun power and focus the energy onto a photo voltaic shelled Tesla car. Nicola Tesla managed wireless power 126 years before. Gestural sensors embedded in 95% of all devices. 3D printed car customised to you using the parts from your previous recycled Tesla as the substrate, cradle to cradle use. Form follows technology.

Advances in Digital Entertainment Design : Rex Grignon, CIFI Studios (DWA), Creative, Immersive, Fluid and Intuitive.. Chief guy who has no patience for technological BS. Around 2014 decided that making films was an incredibly lossy process. Hand drawn, then live action reference and showing to the director. So animator turns to moving splines around to move a character around, seems kind of comical. The vision is just not quite there yet. After about a week the animator would show the director the work, 3 seconds worth. The director now happy with this. There must be a better way. All these areas need to be compressed. 1600 man years chopped down to weeks. Voice control, Augmented reality, gestural in an “empty” room. Directing, set design, time lining, virtual actors, camera positions.

Design Award Selection : John Pittman DKPMG. Crowd sourcing to look at the best designs. Designs have objectives, with ubiquitous computing. Autonomous agents for evaluating. Using Technology is assumed. What is good design? Design is taking something and making the world a better place. Balance of form, function and performance. Pushing the state of the art.

Design Software : Michael Gough Adobe Systems, Conductor Composer. In a world of cynicism and trust. These products allow people to reach into the minds of their audience and manipulate them at an emotion level. Composer is an active design surface, resolution independent and will scale. Can start with any media, can riff on any existing, we do not recommend creating anything original. You can control the originality level. You can deploy these compositions and use real time feedback through the emotional response network. Closest direct to desire without having to stick probes in the brain. With this you can get people to buy almost anything. Its nice to know people amongst all this horror of the world can still enjoy buying stuff.

Turing Design Award Synthetic Intelligence : Rachel Tyrel. Proud to represent the growing network of AI. What function will humans serve in this equation. (you just have to see the video for this one, do not want to spoil the enjoyment)

Biological Design : Trevor Haldenby, Byologyc. Vision of the future for biotech from 2012. Human Centred Design. Finding needs that people needed met, and meeting them. Developing transgenic products. Byo Enrich, grow, baby, breath and mate. Breath, reduce your carbon output and increased oxygen input. Converts c02 into enamel. Mate, borrowed genetic code from libido enriched people. Screens sperm for a less desirable outcomes. Renew allows your produce your own viruses, using DRM to protect your biometric data. Versatile intern program, brought in 1000’s of people into the company. BRX virus 2012 wiped the VIPs due to online hack diy. Once you take the pill it runs a dyagnostic on your body and writes it to your DNA and sends it to Byologyc so that they can make subscription based plan tailored to you. 8% of population take it. We dont protect you from all viruses, we protect you from all possible viruses. Procedural immunity.


About Shaun Farrell

I have been involved in the construction sector since 1986 and over the years I have seen things change dramatically. Much of the change has been directly as a result of technology. This blog will be about the key combinations of People, Process and Technology. Any views expressed here are strictly my own.
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