#AU2012 #UKBimCrew LF5390-R Business Strategy: Owner Influence and BIM Mandates

Erin Rae Hoffer AIA LEED BD+C, Autodesk Strategic Industry Relations. Chuck Mies Business Development Manager at Autodesk

Session Audience: Owners = 3, Design = 10, Contractors = 6 and others = 2.

BIM Mandates and Owner-Drive Standards

IFC, COBie, NBIMS, AIA E202, gbXML, AIA Survey of BIM Standards and Proprietary systems interoperability.

AIA E202 used as a “guideline” on the design side.

COBie – Lack of Data Dictionary. A standard without a common agreement.

Classic response of “Owner wants BIM”, lack of understanding and definition.

Retail Clients starting to run Model Integrity Checks, partnering with their consultants to achieve their goals. Introduction of client side QA processes.

Tools for managing buildings have radically changed in recent years. Not having the tools necessary to manage existing buildings. However the tools for new green field sites are there and should be utilised. Energy management required for cost reduction as a key driver. Motor company in plant/factories.

Why is BIM specified by owners? : Cost, Energy/Carbon, Risk, innovation, asset performance (social outcomes, safety, value). Value of digital information. Get information quickly, rapid handover and dropping in of information. Policy drivers.


McGraw Hill adoption of BIM survey is imminent/out soon.

http://www.bimtaskgroup.org/ get a lot of focus about the clients “non interference” in the supply chain as opposed to dictating a technology due to lack of interoperability. Response is the balance between wanting to be open but keeping shareholders happy. Lots of discussion about what we are doing in the UK.

COBie has a limited life span, just waiting for databases to talk to each other without this intermediary step. Calls to make COBie an IEEE standard to open in it.

“Managing expectations” raises its head again as key. Getting statements of standards of care. Further development of the AIA E202 and G202 are on the way, not contractual but agreements to collaborate. Developments in BIM 360 glue research to possibly check uploaded models against E202. Due out by end of December 2012

Gradual trickle of information but also assign liability to individual components as they are released to appease the “blitz release” of information to allow more free flow of information.

Tool to check revit files against attachment F for the USACE – Jeff Gravette




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I have been involved in the construction sector since 1986 and over the years I have seen things change dramatically. Much of the change has been directly as a result of technology. This blog will be about the key combinations of People, Process and Technology. Any views expressed here are strictly my own.
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